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Modern-day Spiritual Gifts

Is God a God of miracles just as He was in the Bible? Does He really speak to man in this day? Does He still use the gifts of the Spirit to touch the lives of believers? Can you enjoy those same gifts in your life? The answers to the above questions are "yes, yes, yes and yes."

We serve a powerful God who is making His power known to people every day, but you must choose, by His grace, to arise from the lethargy of a "faith alone" gospel and go directly to God for direction. We strongly affirm what theologians call "the perpetuity of spiritual gifts" -- the idea that God, in this day and age, continues to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister to believers.

We believe that God uses the gift of tongues in this day, but we do not believe that people must speak in tongues as a demonstration that they have been born again:

Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?
I Corinthians 12:29

The answer to all of the above questions would obviously be "no." The Apostle Paul makes a rhetorical point that not everyone is given the above gifts.

In evangelical churches, individual personalities have often replaced scripture as the primary influence in seeking direction. Some well meaning Evangelicals would rather ask their pastor instead of asking God and studying His word.

As a result, many evangelical churches have been deluged by emotional phenomena like the "slain in the Spirit" movement. Others have wandered into the "word-faith" movement which offers a misleading promise of health, wealth and prosperity -- a kind of "nameit/claim it" approach which has no foundation in scripture.

The gifts of the Spirit definitely continue in this day and are available to you through the gospel of Jesus Christ. But you must ask God for direction in this area and test the "gifts" that you receive by scripture.

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